Live Dining history 2009, 2007, 2005-06 and Corn Dining 2004


« Live Dining » est concept adaptable, performance, installation-cuisine-salle-à-manger avec plantes et arbres, développement d’écosystèmes, biodiversité, et diversité de communautés et d’individus. L’art est d'allié les actions de planter, récolter, préparer, composter, cuisiner et dîner, sur la place d'agriculture urbaine et plantes naturalisées. L'art est dans nos liens avec les sources de notre nourriture-médicine préventive, essentiel pour une vie en santé.

“Feet on table, to do harvesting action” BACKYARD LIVE DINING SUMMER 2008

Detail of Nicole Fournier performing "Feet on table, harvesting action"

photo by John Dykeman

The Live Dining Concept continues to be applied and adapting evolving in time. Backyard Live Dining 2008 has evolved to include Live Dining Furniture, in process.

"Norms of table manners" - a foot on the table, feet on the table. A new Live Dining Table designed, with glass surface table top (found window pane), stand bare foot, on table top, to harvest "table top" polyculture agriculture.

A new Live Dining Table, is made with materials found in the garbage, such as old windows, an old part of a table that I purposely left out over the winter, and pieces of discarded wood and plywood, as well as clippings of cedar, yarrow and clover mixed with soil.

A new Live Dining Chair is in process of maybe will be finished soon, images to come soon.....

photos by Nicole Fournier

photos by John Dykeman

LIVE DINING FURNITURE, FOR: performance, FOR real life, FOR utility, FOR non-utitily, FOR harvesting to make your meal, FOR necessity, while doing what is "not normal", standing on a glass table, where the glass is an old window, FOR.... (make up your own logical or creative reason or no reason for LIVE DINING FURNITURE.

Live Dining Furniture are not necessarily utilitarian, but are, not always stable, but are, not necessarily beautiful but I find them beautiful. The aesthetic of beauty is subjective, that although you might find it not beautiful or “too much”, unattractive, or “not well made”, another might find the quirkiness or originality beautiful. It is purposefully made to be imperfect, with parts well made and other parts purposefully not well made, uneven corners, screws not quite screwed in. It does come from materials that are not young, (or new), have aged. I do appreciate well crafted, skilled labor and efficiently perfectly made “things”. But this is already a norm in society to aim for perfection, to value skilled labor and efficiency and progress is defined with these norms. In the same way that youth is equated to beauty and people fight against looking old in a society. Aren’t we all so proud when we are told we don’t look our age. Another norm in society related to beauty, aging, efficiency and perfection, there is no time to stop for the inconvenience of imperfection, inefficiency and unpredictability of human nature, in production and manufacturing as in many people’s personal lives. Emotions, illness, accidents, spontaneity, error, frailty, unstructured, wild and uncontrollable behavior, get in the way of efficiency and set structures and systems.

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