Live Dining history 2009, 2007, 2005-06 and Corn Dining 2004


« Live Dining » est concept adaptable, performance, installation-cuisine-salle-à-manger avec plantes et arbres, développement d’écosystèmes, biodiversité, et diversité de communautés et d’individus. L’art est d'allié les actions de planter, récolter, préparer, composter, cuisiner et dîner, sur la place d'agriculture urbaine et plantes naturalisées. L'art est dans nos liens avec les sources de notre nourriture-médicine préventive, essentiel pour une vie en santé.

Transformations- but still more harvest to come...

photo Nicole Fournier, august 28th, 2007
On august 26th, the last day of LIVE DINING at articule, another chair was added, to allow for a 6th person to sink in the earth, and be next to the one corn plant and one corn that Michelle harvested that day. We see that added chair in the pictures of the last Post, of the harvesting of the one corn on august 26th. Here below, are some pictures that includes that chair, and shows the plants of the LIVE DINING space, dying down.
photo Nicole Fournier, august 28th, 2007
photo Nicole Fournier, august 28th, 2007
There are invisible transformations, such as transformations that occur so slowly that we don't see the change going on. Then there is visible evidence of transformation, such as noticing the growth of green plants, flowers, from seedling and earth, to a green space. Other transformations are in the form of rust - the rusting of the chair, or, now after the growth and green, the mold - the mold (powdery mildew) on the squash leaves.

The squash plants, in the LIVE DINING space, have many leaves that have fungus disease called powdery mildew, some have yellowed and dryed, some are on their way to that phase of decomposition. This fungi could have been prevented, earlier on in the season, with a camomille tea spray, but now that the squash plants have grown and been harvested, and the season is coming to an end, the fungi will live its course and the squash plants will die down. So the beautiful big green squash leaves that were overflowing in early and mid august, are in the process of going back to becoming soil, as they are transformed by fungi micro-organisms. They are now beautiful, dryed, mold infested and shrunken leaves, needing to be picked off and or put in the soil for completing this transformation, to be the food of other organisms. The fungus disease called powdery mildew apparently persists in the soil, so this is just good to know for when you let it compost right there in your soil, (as it is doing in the LIVE DINING agricultural space).

There are still other plants in the agricultural space (garden), making babies: the tomato and bean plants, and herbs too. So still some more harvest to come, which i will go pick and bring to the Santropol Roulant kitchen, when the veggies and fruit rippen, within the next coming weeks. So, the giving ("donating" ) of the remaining LIVE DINING harvests to Santopol Roulant kitchen and caring for the LIVE DINING "garden" is what I will be doing in september.

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