Live Dining history 2009, 2007, 2005-06 and Corn Dining 2004


« Live Dining » est concept adaptable, performance, installation-cuisine-salle-à-manger avec plantes et arbres, développement d’écosystèmes, biodiversité, et diversité de communautés et d’individus. L’art est d'allié les actions de planter, récolter, préparer, composter, cuisiner et dîner, sur la place d'agriculture urbaine et plantes naturalisées. L'art est dans nos liens avec les sources de notre nourriture-médicine préventive, essentiel pour une vie en santé.
As well as re-imagining ways that natural food sources found in the cracks of parking lots, might be harvested, Live Dining includes rethinking the systems of agriculture that take place in rural settings and their connection to our food supply in the city. Harvesting wild plants is called foraging, and foraging as a way to get food, came before the controlled, managed and organized system of agriculture. Foraging lets the wildness be, the plants have planted themselves. Agriculture needs us to control the planting and manage and care for the growth. With foraging, the plants have adapted to the environment and do not need to be cared for.

Live Dining encompases the embracing of agricultural systems, despite the negative impacts of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers based from the oil industry, and hoping that one day the inefficiency of a polycultural system will be favored over, the present day monoculture dominant system, with a renewing of the value of foraging, as the predecessor of agriculture , foraging will come into being.

The concept of Live Dining includes to bring cultivated – agricultural plants in earth (soil) to the site of Live Dining, where as well wild plants grow. Or bring Live Dining to cultivated and wild plant location of growth. Both cultivated and wild plants are significant to the concept.

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